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Welcome! to Managed Care Alternatives, Inc.

“Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. is a medical billing and coding company which celebrates its fourteen year of serving the needs of medical providers nationwide.

Whether you are performing medical billing and coding in-house or outsource these tasks to a medical billing and coding company, you may have found yourself struggling with escalating overhead costs and declining reimbursements.  Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. believes that the only way medical providers can increase their bottom-line revenue in today’s managed care environment is to decrease their overhead costs.   Gone are the days when revenue can be driven upward by increasing the number of insurance plans you participate in or by increasing the number of patients you see each day.  Most probably you are already contracted with every plan and see as many patients as your schedule allows.

Most medical billing and coding companies today contend that they can increase your profits by avoiding claims denials and improving your accounts receivable.  However, in today’s environment, that is simply not enough.  You must decrease your total overhead outlay. Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. can do that for you. Please give us a call at  (602) 246-0756 to learn what we can do for you.”


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MCA utilizes one of the first Windows-based Practice Management software packages, BrickMed, to perform billing services for those clients who do not have a preferred Practice Management/EHR software package. Click here to read more...

As an introduction to this new service offered by Managed Care Alternatives, Inc., we will offer you a discount of 25% off the per-hour labor charge you last paid to any company that provided IT services to your business. Click here to read more...

Medical Practice Management,
Consulting Hospital and Clinic Consulting Services,
Insurance Consulting Services. Click here to

Having served the needs of the Provider community nationwide since 1999, we are happy to announce an enhancement of the medical coding services we can offer our clients. Click here to read more...

Managed Care Alternatives, Inc.’s team of transcriptionists and editors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the following specialized fields of service: Medical, Legal, Corporate, and Academic. Click here to read more...

If you treat Medicare beneficiaries, you will in all likelihood eventually meet one of Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractors, otherwise known as RACs. Recovery audit contractors are Medicare third-party contractors. Click here to read more...


One of the best business decisions I have made was switching billing companies to Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. I have been with them since June of 2005 and have found them to be readily available, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Mike Williams and his staff handle every situation in a professional manner. Both my patients and I have been pleased with the change to Managed Care Alternatives, Inc.

- C.H., D.O. Family Practice

As a specialist and newcomer to the Valley of the Sun, I was struggling to maintain a Practice with two front office clerical employees.  I had been working with a billing company which was procedurally inflexible and extremely limited as far as financial reporting capacities were concerned.  Working with Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. has freed my staff to concentrate on the needs of the patients they are serving in my office.  This has enabled me to expand my patient base quite rapidly and effortlessly.  Because of the efficiencies I have been able to implement based on Mr. Williams advice, the number of my Active patients has nearly tripled.   The percentage increase in my Practice revenue has been even greater.  I would highly recommend utilizing the services of Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. to dramatically increase the profitability of your practice.  
E.W, M.D. Dermatology

Managed care Alternatives, Inc. has provided my business with excellent support in the area of billing for over 7 years.  Mike Williams and his staff assisted me in resolving billing issues during a company breakup as well as the transfer and revamping of the billing program for my new company.  Because of his professional handling of the paperwork that was necessary for "collecting as usual" in the gray area between business dissolution and start up, there was very little down time in receiving payments from insurance companies. Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. communicates well with my office staff.  We usually get a live person when we call and if not are called or emailed promptly which is much appreciated in the fast paced culture in which we live!  Mike Williams also informs us of any change in billing needs with insurance industry rules, regulations and idiosyncrasies and governmental directives which is again much appreciated.  I can confidently recommend Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. as a solid and reliable billing company. 
C.R., Physical Therapy

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing business together for 10 years!  Back in 2001, while still in partnership as an owner of a large Occupational/Physical Therapy Clinic, we learned that our billing company at the time was neglecting their duties and unresponsive to our requests. We received a letter shortly thereafter informing us that they had decided to close their billing services company. Not only did we have an immediate need for our ongoing billing, but we had a significant aging balance that needed immediate attention. Managed Care Alternatives, Inc. was willing to take on the task within 24 hours! The transition to your company was smooth and we started receiving insurance payments almost immediately with an extremely low denials rate.  As changes in Medicare billing have occurred, you have always gone the extra mile to do the research necessary to optimize payments. Your software allows for timely billing and reimbursement. I have referred others to your company, and they have always been treated kindly and professionally.  Looking forward to the next 10 years of working together! 
S.L. Occupational Therapy

We couldn't be more thrilled with the services we receive from Managed Care Alternatives.  Your diligence, open communication and support has helped our agency to thrive in a tough economy.  We are extremely grateful!" 
J.L., Ph.D.  Behavioral Health Group (Ph.D. and Master's degree-level)

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